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From a small, local enterprise started over 80 years ago in Chicago, Illinois to becoming one of the largest connector companies in the world, Molex has established a well-deserved reputation for providing innovative interconnect solutions to the world’s leading manufacturers. Through a collaborative process, Molex takes a multi-dimensional approach that brings together engineers, product designers and manufacturing to ensure product design is smooth and seamless, resulting in solutions that are helping change the way people live, work and play.

Molex 2.2-5 RF Connector System

2.2-5 RF Connector System is 53% smaller than the 4.3-10 Connector System and is ideal for compact mobile radio applications.

Molex Micro-Fit TPA Connectors

Micro-Fit Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) Connectors are available in multiple circuit sizes and cable lengths for power applications.

Molex High-Accuracy Stacked Patch GNSS Antenna

This high-accuracy antenna offers a stacked-patch single feed that eliminates the need for a separate base station and a low profile design ideal for automotive and industrial applications.

Molex SlimStack™ Connectors

Feature pitches sizes from 0.35 to 0.635mm, and stack heights of 0.60 to 16mm.

Molex Microminiature Connectors

Ideal for a vast array of applications such as mobile devices, hand-held units, automotive, and medical devices.

Molex L1NK 396 Connector System

L1NK 396 (Link 396) Connectors prevent mismating with a unique keying design and clear audible click for connection assurance.